Comfort Food, by Kitty Thomas

4 Stars

comfort food

For the sake of dark erotica, it’s convenient that all sex traffickers are so hot.

I jest. In all seriousness, it’s difficult to review Comfort Food when I’m not the biggest fan of the genre. I may like my fantasy consent to be occasionally dubious, but it does have to be present. Regardless, after my best friend and I decided to read the most disturbing stuff on Amazon, I’ve finished several that break that rule… and Comfort Food was the best.

Most of the dark erotica I’ve read includes an explanation for the captor’s actions. Rarely, however, do we get much insight into why the captive is accepting of her treatment. More often than not, these books are formulaic (as, admittedly, is most romance) with the lead female being imprisoned, completely rejecting her warden, and finally realizing that swallowing semen and having orgasms feels better than being viciously beaten. Sometimes the anti-hero and his slave come to an agreement and live happily ever after… just like Disney.

Comfort Food broke that mold, though. Through much of this book, Emily examines Master’s actions and her response, attempting to use her background in psychology to fight her feelings and break free. In fact, if this book suffers from anything, it’s that Master’s motives are laughably weak. I, literally, guffawed. While Emily initially gives in waaaay too easily, ultimately, the twist was surprising and if it’s your thing, the sex scenes are awesome. Within the genre, this title has earned its four stars.

Stand Alone

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